Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Very Merry Reunion Holiday

This luxury Reunion home resides on Candy Cane Lane. It’s a sweet pad for anyone looking to spice up the holiday. The front porch is adorned with peppermint candy canes imported from the North Pole, and marbled meringue covers the entire first floor. The façade is glazed while the cookie-tiled roof is sugar coated with the most exquisite French saccharin.

You have a delicious view of Candy Land from the second floor balcony, and the lollipop woods are only one mile away, just past the gumdrop swamp. The frosted fields of the resort are sure to dazzle every jolly guest.


 “What a sweet deal this property was. I saved lots of dough booking directly with Reunion Vacation Homes too. I had promised Cookie a Florida vacation, and I knew I couldn’t knead my way out of that promise, and boy - am I glad. We will savor the aroma of the festivities we’ve experienced here forever.”
The Gingerbread man

“This property was in very good taste. The cookie sheets in the bedrooms were clean and a fresh scent of orange blossoms filled the entire home. After the kid's bedtime we had time for some romance too. The Gingerbread man knows how to butter me up and melt my icing.”

“I loved baking in the Florida sun. I now have a crisp tan to show off – dark as molasses. The other gingerbread girls back home will pale with envy.”

“You can go nuts from all the fun stuff Orlando has to offer. It’s like cake on top of more cake with layers of whipped cream and never ending sprinkles. Cool vanilla beans, dig?”

Happy Holidays from the Reunion Vacation Team!

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