Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving in a Reunion Vacation Home

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving on your vacation is there? You can have your whole family gathered in the same home, and you have a full kitchen at your disposal. Imagine the kids splashing in the pool with their cousins, while Uncle Tom and Grandpa Elmer enjoy cold beer on the porch. The tweens are in the game room playing video games, and the cooks of the family gather to share recipes in the kitchen as they start to apply their magic around the stove.

Soon the home fills with the wonderful scents of a home cooked meal, and everyone draw near, ready to fill their tummies. It’s nice to take a break from the theme parks, the beach, the shops and the restaurants, and just spend time with family away from the stress of the tourist traps. After dinner, you can take that well deserved nap anywhere you like: on a sun chair, on the couch or in your bedroom. You will cherish your memories of your Florida Thanksgiving with family forever.

This beautiful home is perfect for a family friendly atmosphere. The fully equipped spacious kitchen is ready for quick meals or family dinners. A set of glass doors leads into the pool area where you can find your own private tropical oasis, and all of this is located in the exclusive Reunion Resort.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Experience the Magic throughout your entire vacation while staying at a Reunion Vacation Home

The fog clung comfortably to the ground this morning, adding a mystic anticipation for vacationing children. Many just woke up in Orlando for the first time, and as they enjoyed breakfast on the terrace before the misty lakes, golf courses and serenity of the Reunion landscape, they couldn’t wait to embark on the greatest adventure any kid on the globe could ever imagine – the Walt Disney World experience.

As the family rental car slows before the Disney Gates and each child gets their first glimpse of the Mickey Ears, happiness and excitement move many to tears. The expectations are high, but not high enough as Disney cannot be fully imaged – it must be experienced.

The children enter a world so different from their lives back home that they really feel as if they are in a fairytale. Here they get to visit places only observed in storybooks and movies: Cinderella’s Castle, Pirate’s Cove, and Neverland. But that’s not all – they also get to meet their favorite characters: Ariel, Tigger, Woody, Stich and more.

Everything is part of an adventure for a child visiting Orlando, including their Reunion Vacation Home. It is all new to them. How cool is that? They get a new bed to sleep in, a new tub to splash in, their own swimming pool, all while surrounded by an entire new exotic environment. Their villa, town home or condo becomes their comfy home away from home, and part of their memories too.

Once children are snuggling in their PJ’s and drift into sleep recounting the magical events of the day, parents enjoy privacy and quiet in their Reunion Vacation Home. Perhaps it’s time to decompress with a cool drink on the balcony, or perhaps by the pool? The Florida nights are mild and pleasant, and as a breeze gently caress the vacationing couple, they savor the moment in perfect comfort.