Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Happy Reunion Guest!

We visited in March 2011 with our family of 6 (kids ages 9-19) and my parents. The property was perfect for this group. Grandparents had luxurious accomodations to themselves on the top floor and our family spread out with plenty of rooms and bathrooms and gaming area on the middle floor. Everyone loved the pool area. Furnishings were beautiful, beds were comfortable and everything was well-maintained. Vacant lots on one side, golf course and trees in back and no one renting the house on the other side gave us lots of privacy. The management team was very responsive and even came out to visit when we called with questions. Property is very close to parks. We were so busy with the parks and enjoying the house we rented, we only went to one of the Reunion pools twice. The Reunion property is beautiful with plenty of activities to enjoy. I would highly recommend this property.

To see the property then rented visit click here.